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Automation &

Increasing Operator Efficiency

Oil Patch Group’s Automation and Measurement (A&M) is a software and hardware system designed for gathering and analyzing real-time data, offering plant operators a simple solution to automation. Pre-engineered and fully configurable, the A&M system enables you to more effectively monitor your wellheads, tanks, separators, heater treaters, LACTs, scrubbers, compressors and VRUs.

Features & Benefits
  • Offers ability to configure and monitor production equipment at pad site or via the A&M system
  • Incorporates Alarm Matrix, a cause and effect matrix for shut-in and discrete control
  • Offers same PFM for each unique site with differing equipment
  • Simple to wire, simple to learn
  • Easily configurable through 9 in. full color touchscreen Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Boasts three levels of security for user, maintenance and expert access
  • Features maintenance mode to bypass outputs for testing or repair
  • Flame Arrestor Installation, Startup, Inspection, and Maintenance
  • Enables email, SMS or phone call-outs directly from PFM
  • Benefits from a modular PLC-based system



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