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Oil Patch Group strives to go beyond regulatory compliance when addressing matters of safety.

We want all our team members, partners and customers to leave each job injury free, and to do this we take every measure possible to protect them.

Our Motto

SAFETY DRIVEN is more than just a philosophical commitment to safety; it takes real-world, everyday action and a proactive safety mindset. A big part of how we ensure safety every day, everywhere we operate, is through our companywide HSE Management System.

The HSE Management System helps ensure that business activities are conducted in a safe, healthy, and environmentally and socially responsible manner, aimed at preventing incidents, injuries, occupational illnesses, pollution and damage to assets. It enables people and communities to thrive, which helps keep our business healthy. HSE considerations must be embedded into every task and business decision.

The Oil Patch Group HSE Management System Includes:
  • Job Safety Analysis Program (JSA)
  • Near-Miss Reporting Program
  • Accident/Incident Reporting
  • HSE Audit System
  • Extensive Personnel Training
  • Management of Change MOC
  • Behavioral Observations
  • Performance of Policies and Procedures

Oil Patch Group is a member of both PEC Premier and ISNETworld, in order to keep our customers informed on our Safety Training and Safety Data.

All Oil Patch Group new employees attend the “Oil Patch University” in the first week of their hire date and are trained in 40 Safety Core Subjects, PEC Safe-Land, 4 Hour H2S Clear, CPR-First Aid, Fork-Lift, Manlift. This training is done annually, with continuous required training though out the year. We also conduct a weekly Safety Meeting to ensure we are engaged with every Team Member on a weekly or daily basis.

Asset managers are responsible for directing asset-sustainable development performance in accordance with the HSE management system and other company sustainability requirements and guidelines. Audits carried out by corporate and business unit staff assure these expectations are met. Audit topics reflect our HSE Management System elements and functional capability.

We're also always ready to do the right thing for the communities in which we operate. That means strict adherence to environmental compliance regulations, as well as supporting local communities.

Our team is committed to following the operational practices developed by the leading HSE organizations: