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Production &
Pressure Control

Our highly skilled production testing personnel conduct the supervised flow of a well while separating gases, fluids and solids.

Core Products & Services
  • Frac stacks/Pressure Control
  • Hydraulic packages
  • Isolation tools
  • Flow lines
  • Multi-phase separators
  • Pneumatic valves
  • Choke manifolds
  • Test separators
  • Sand separators
  • Plug catchers
  • Tubing
  • Iron and other related flowback components
  • Flare stacks

The flow data (pressures, rates, temperatures) collected provide a comprehensive view of the reservoir characteristics allowing operators to evaluate the deliverability and sustainability of their assets.

We offer comprehensive production tests which provide accurate and invaluable data utilized in analyzing the formation for future considerations such as facility sizing, pipelines, overall well performance and life expectancy. Our equipment maintenance program ensures all equipment is third party inspected and recertified annually, guaranteeing quality equipment gets delivered to location every time.

Flare Stacks

4” 40’ w/ fluid accumulators
6” 60’ w/ fluid accumulators & hi/low sides
6” 60’ w/o fluid accumulators
All flare stacks come with ignition systems with propane pilot assist.

Flow Lines

2” 1502 15K NPST Flowline
2” 1502 15K INTEGRAL Flowline
3” 1502 15K NPST Flowline
3” 1502 15K INTEGRAL Flowline
4” 1502 15K NPST Flowline
2” 1502 10K NACE Flowline
2” 206 2K Flowline
3” 206 2K Flowline
4” 206 2K Flowline
Including the following - plug valves, 90’s, tees, and changeovers
All plug valve manifolds are 2” or 3” configured 1502 hammer unions, and can be

configured as 5 or 9 valves, with double positive or adjustable chokes.
2” 1502 15K 5-valve manifold w/ adjustable chokes

2” 1502 15K 9-valve manifold w/ adjustable chokes

3” 1502 15K 5-valve manifold w/ adjustable chokes
3” 1502 15k 9-valve manifold w/ adjustable chokes
2” 1502 10K 9-valve manifold w/ adjustable chokes
Plug Catchers
10K and 15k Dual Plug Catchers
2” to 3” inlets
2” to 3” outlets
2” to 3” bypass
5-valve to 10 -valve
4” to 8” barrels
Slotted or perforated screens
All plug catchers are skid-mounted.

Sand Separators

24” x 10’ Cyclonic
30” x 10’ Cyclonic
5K 36” to 48” spherical
10K cyclonic filters

Sand X/Superloop

Reduces environmental impact of sand
Reduces frac tank clean-out expense
Works on all sand including 100 mesh sand
500 bbl dual gas buster tanks
Half pits
Blow down pits

Test Separators

36”x10’ 1440 psi
36”x15’ 1440 psi
42”x10’ 1440 psi
48”x10’ 1440 psi
48”x15’ 1440 psi
48”x20’ 1440 psi
48”x15’ 2000 psi
60”x18’ 1820 psi
72”x20’ 750 psi - Arctic Units

Download our Completion, Production & Pressure Control Services Factsheet

Download the Factsheet

If you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our specialists please email or call 432.332.9030.