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Energy Services

Specialist in rental of high pressure frac stacks supporting complex well fracking operations.

G5S Energy Services deliver specialist rental of high pressure frac stacks, supporting complex well fracking operations. Founded in May 2013, and acquired by OPG in October 2019, G5S are committed to providing the best equipment and services to our customers. We operate safely, using highly qualified and experienced individuals.

Equipment & Services
  • Completion Chemicals
  • Mixing Plants
  • Transfer Pumps
  • Filtration systems
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Plug Valve Manifolds
  • Impact Services
  • Frac Valves
  • Valve Greasing
  • Torque & Test

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Fluid Division

We offer a variety of chemicals for those clients who solely need chemicals for different needs on job locations. We also provide our chemicals and services with our mixing plant to meet your specifications for the job. Our 75 bbl mixing plant(s) consist of a 50 bbl active tank and a 25 bbl slugging pit. Filtration systems are also available for those specific jobs that require the water to be filtered and reused.

Frac Valve Division

We provide an extensive line of First Class equipment which includes:

  • Frac Valves
  • Frac Heads
  • Flow Crosses
  • Zipper Manifolds
  • 4 bank closing units
  • Monorail Trailers
  • Torque and Test units
  • Valve Greasing Nipple up Wrenches

If you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our specialists please email or call 361.960.6133.