• Centurion US Rentals & Services
  • 28/05/2020
  • Houston, Texas, United States

REMINDER: You must answer ALL questions in the application to be considered for any position.

Job Summary:

Execute the daily operation requirements as instructed by management. Perform duties or requests as assigned by management. Must be a self-starter that is capable to deliver the desired customer experience.

Essential Functions:

  • Report to work with a willingness to perform the assigned service calls.
  • Follow safe work practices, procedures and rules. Safety is a major part of our work every day.
  • Outfit your vehicle with the supplies available at the yard. If additional items are required you will be able to purchase the items you may need to perform and complete the job. This helps to cut down on costly trips back and forth from the yard to location.
  • Perform and manage assigned service calls effectively.
  • Clean up at the customer's location is a must before leaving.
  • Help you fellow crew members if your task is completed.
  • Diagnose errors or technical problems and determine proper solutions and documents these processes.
  • Produce timely and detailed service reports
  • Operate vehicle in a safe manner
  • Follow company procedures and protocols.
  • Build positive relationships with customers
  • Teamwork and a team player is necessary to execute the duties assigned.
  • Keep your conduct professional at all times.

Additional Functions:

  • Other duties as assigned by management

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